Workplace Chaplaincy

What is a workplace chaplain?

The role of the workplace chaplain is to be ‘alongside’ people, of all faiths and none, providing an independent and confidential ‘listening ear’ for employees and employers, as they cope with the increasing challenges of their day-to-day working and family lives – whether illness & bereavement, workplace stress, financial concerns / debt, problems within the family, alcohol, drugs or mental health issues such as depression etc. 

Many people have found that talking over their concerns (and joys), with someone they trust, can give them a different perspective or provide the specific encouragement or support needed – often stopping a problem becoming something more serious. Chaplains will also signpost to other professional organisations when further support is needed.

The majority of chaplains are volunteers who give their time  because they believe in the importance of practically showing ‘loving care’ for their neighbours and the wider civil society. 

A Chaplain’s biggest gift is to be present and just listen

Diane Johnson


Want to find out what workplace chaplaincy is all about? Just watch the video and be inspired! 

Chaplaincy meeting people where they are

Everyone has a story they need someone to hear

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